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About Us

Our Vision:

To help moms who dream of entrepreneurship to reach their business goals, so they can attain financial freedom, build community, and make an impact.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to curate a space where mompreneurs can obtain the resources, support and accountability necessary to thrive. To help women initiate the steps that could lead them to financial freedom. To make a positive impact in our community one woman, one family, and one business at a time.

Our Core Values: 

- Helping others obtain financial freedom using the gifts/skills they possess.

- Building a community of trustworthy spirit-led entrepreneurs.

- Building a legacy that positively impacts lives, one business at a time.

Our Story

Guesswork is a family-run consulting firm dedicated to helping aspiring and emerging mompreneurs plan, launch, manage and grow their business ideas. Our company began as a digital marketing firm, which helped new entrepreneurs secure and develop digital real-estate. However, during the pandemic we noticed that business owners were suffering from a lack of business knowledge and structure, so we made a pivot.

After starting our first business, over 13 years ago, we experienced many of the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. We struggled to find the right mix of information, tools and support needed to become successful. As a result, our fledgling business did not make it more than 1 year before ultimately closing its doors.


Since then, we have worked effortlessly to improve our process and strategies for running a business. Over the past 22 years, our management team has invested countless hours lending their experience and talents to grow various startup businesses and ministries.

It is our goal to ensure that our client's avoid the pitfalls that we once faced. So we focus on helping our clients develop a solid foundation for their business ideas. We have a heart for moms who desire to make a better future for their children via entrepreneurship.

We believe that everything you need to build your business is already at your fingertips. It is our desire to help you access and execute the plan to make your dream a reality. Furthermore, we believe that there are individuals just waiting to help you win. It is our goal to cultivate opportunities for others to shower your business with love.

Meet The Team

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Marsha M. Tate


Marcus Tate.png

Marcus A. Tate

Vice President


Justin D. Tate

Kid President


Christopher D.  Tate

Jr. VP of Fun

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