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Choose your pricing plan

  • Build A Skill

    Perfect for those looking to enhance their skill set.
    • Book a 1-on-1 class to learn how to:
    • Manage Your Website.
    • Use Canva.
    • Use the Facebook Business Suite.
    • Create a Social Media Design Kit.
    • Manage Monthly SEO.
    • Market on Social Media.
    • Create A Sales Funnel.
  • V.A. Retainer Fee

    Every month
    This fee covers additional monthly support services.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Business Registration
    • EIN Registration
    • Business Plan Writing
    • Building Business Credit Roadmap
    • Develop Customer Experience Plan
  • Sponsor A Mom

    Cover the cost of a mom who needs this online course.
    Valid for 3 months
    • This donation covers:
    • Tuition for Group Coaching Cohort
    • (3) 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions
    • Business Blueprint Planner
  • Business Shower Host

    For those who need strategic planning & execution of launch
    Valid for one month
    • Business Shower Consultation
  • Business Coaching

    Every month
    For monthly 1 on 1 coaching and strategic planning.
    Valid for 11 months
    • Business Shower Consultation
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